May 15, 2015

God bless the rain

It rained here yesterday and this morning. And the rain brought much needed moisture, and a rainbow!! It was spectacular! So much so that I had to stop cooking dinner, and run outside (with my camera, of course) to soak up the beauty. Because when God blesses you with such a beautiful display of color and amazing light you just have to   stop. Well, some of us need to photograph it also, but mostly just stop   and enjoy. Take the time to really see what is in front of you.  Then you can run up to the next street to see who was so lucky to have the rainbow end in their yard - and look for the pot of gold!!

Even with my widest angle lens & moving as far back as I could on the veranda, I still couldn't get the entire rainbow into the frame. The new cover picture on the blog is my wide angle view of the rainbow. This one is a closer view of it ending over the hill.

P.S. The Project 365 page has been brought up to date through today's photo. I've also added some onto the Favorites page! Enjoy!!

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