March 8, 2015


I knew that the Project 365 would be a challenge when I decided to start this. It's been 67 days and I've taken a photograph a day - usually lots & lots more until I get the results I see in my mind! I think there has already been a lot of growth in my photography. I know that I am thinking about so many things before I press the shutter button; things I never thought of before.

Before the Project 365 I was scared to move the dial to Manual mode. I thought I was doing good to get off automatic and move to Aperture priority! Then I only had to make one decision - what "f" stop do I use? I learned I liked low aperture - wide open shots to get the blurry backgrounds and sometimes foregrounds. Sometimes I liked everything in focus. I pretty much pointed the camera at my subject and clicked. Often there were unintended consequences... like the tree coming out of someone's head. Sigh...

Now I primarily shoot in Manual Mode and have to adjust the aperture, shutter, ISO; focal point & type of focus, white balance; I think about composition; and to take responsibility for everything in my shot (still have trouble with this and see things I either missed when looking through the lens or was too lazy to move when I took the photo). Let me be honest - this is a lot more work. But the results are worth it. Even if the photograph would have looked exactly the same if I shot on automatic, I know that I DID THIS! I created the shot not just in my head but through every step of the process. I have a very long way to go until I feel like I know what I'm doing, but I am certain that I am headed in the right direction and that I very much want to keep going!

March 1, 2015


No, not that kind!! My photo prompt for today from the bethadilly challenge is "my passion." I had to think about this one more than I thought I would. I have a lot of things that are really important to me... my family being at the top of the list. My faith, the ocean, a good handbag. But "my passion?" I finally decided that I'd look for something that has been with me a long time, something that I love, something that I would be hard pressed to live without. Here's what I chose...

Books. Reading. I'm not sure I can remember the time before I could read, at least not very well.

I DO remember spending hours on the floor, or the couch, or my bed with a book in my hands. I remember reading with a flashlight under the covers. I remember reading while walking to elementary school (I was walking distracted at an early age!). I remember crying over the story of Black Beauty. And sluething along with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. The longer the book, or the more books in a series the better. I love Harry Potter - oh wonders of wonders: a series with a great story, books over 300 pages and a lot of them. Sigh...

Then came the Kindle. I didn't think I would like it, but I do. Carrying one little device with a multitude of books - can it get any better? I still love to hold & read a paper book; yet the Kindle makes traveling so much easier. Not to mention reading those really big books just before I go to sleep in bed. No books landing on my face when I fall asleep holding it!

Luckily I met & married a man who loves to read. This photo is two of the bookcases in our house. There are so many books that some are shoved in sideways on top of the others. The third bookcase is even worse! I seriously think we are addicted - I CANNOT walk out of a bookstore with only one book. We share some interests in our reading which is wonderful, until we fight over the new Harry Bosch novel or the latest Lee Child. Even if there were a Readers Anonymous I wouldn't go.

So I have to say that books and reading are probably my greatest, life-long, forever passion. What's yours?