Styled Photographer & my favorites

Photos can help define your photography style, here are my style icons:

These are some of my favorite pics that I've taken...
NOTE: different monitors/screens for viewing may change the color/quality of the image.
whirly bird spinner
don't you want to take this path?
cool rock formation
after the rain

Nelson at the park
Red Tailed Hawk flying by
From our photo shoot with friends, thanks Marisa Marshall (& family)
for your photo skills & sharing Lucky!
Baby Crafting


Day-after-lily !

Easter 2014

Baby Desert Tortoise   Twentynine Palms

1965 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery @ Portuguese Beach Club

Sunset at PBC

Portuguese Beach Club

Aunt Margaret's Concert Grand

Gail's Coffee Cake

CA Science Center

@ The Cove


View from By the Sea veranda

Crater Lake, OR

Oregon @ our RV Park

Rancho Palos Verdes cliff

Sunset at FL beach

Desert scene

Desert blooms

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