March 17, 2017

One, Two, Three

I've been wanting to try my hand at multiple exposures for a while. Well, today was the day. One of the recent weekly prompts for the Clickin Moms 2017 Project 52 was to learn about a feature on your camera that you hadn't used. In other words, read the manual! Which I did.

Here's one of the very first images I shot:
Upstairs I go!
This one is all about the movement when I was going upstairs. It was done using the self-timer on the camera. I kind of like it (but next time, even if I'm just experimenting I'll take a 2nd look at what I'm wearing!).

Another movement shot:
Getting my cup 'o joe
And yes, that's still plastic and blue painter's tape in the kitchen. But that's another story.

Then I took a break and did some more research on Clickin Moms and looked at more examples. I think, for the first time I tried this, I had some success. Of course, it took a lot of experimenting and many, many deleted shots. 

Let me know what you think!

Knarley carpet

Orchids + basket = texture

Orchids on the balcony