March 8, 2015


I knew that the Project 365 would be a challenge when I decided to start this. It's been 67 days and I've taken a photograph a day - usually lots & lots more until I get the results I see in my mind! I think there has already been a lot of growth in my photography. I know that I am thinking about so many things before I press the shutter button; things I never thought of before.

Before the Project 365 I was scared to move the dial to Manual mode. I thought I was doing good to get off automatic and move to Aperture priority! Then I only had to make one decision - what "f" stop do I use? I learned I liked low aperture - wide open shots to get the blurry backgrounds and sometimes foregrounds. Sometimes I liked everything in focus. I pretty much pointed the camera at my subject and clicked. Often there were unintended consequences... like the tree coming out of someone's head. Sigh...

Now I primarily shoot in Manual Mode and have to adjust the aperture, shutter, ISO; focal point & type of focus, white balance; I think about composition; and to take responsibility for everything in my shot (still have trouble with this and see things I either missed when looking through the lens or was too lazy to move when I took the photo). Let me be honest - this is a lot more work. But the results are worth it. Even if the photograph would have looked exactly the same if I shot on automatic, I know that I DID THIS! I created the shot not just in my head but through every step of the process. I have a very long way to go until I feel like I know what I'm doing, but I am certain that I am headed in the right direction and that I very much want to keep going!

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