February 9, 2015

Stop and Watch the Sunset

One of the things I struggle a lot with is living in the moment. Enjoying what is going on right now. It is so easy for me to dwell in the past (I should have.... Why didn't I....) or to worry about the future. Being in the moment takes a bit of discipline. And being willing to slow down to see what is right in front of you. I won't say I've made great strides but...

Last week I was driving home from work and I'm sure I had a lot of things on my mind, especially that "To Do" list that runs rampant in my head. I saw the sun over the ocean near work and thought, "That's pretty," and continued driving. About half-way home I couldn't ignore the beauty any more, turned right, drove down by the cliffs and got out of the car. Luckily I have been carrying my DSLR with me. I did spend some time enjoying the semi-foggy sky, the clouds, the play of the sun on the water, the set of waves coming ashore. The darker it got, the more the cliff stood out in dark relief from the water and the sunset. I was happy to be able to capture (a lot) of photos while enjoying the beauty. This is one of my favorites from that evening.

Sometimes, the dialogue  in my head just needs to be put on silent mode long enough to enjoy the silence. Seek out the beauty in your silence.

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