July 15, 2017


Oh this word. Rejection. It brings up all sorts of things, emotions, pain. But also hope. In thinking about this for Project Something Beautiful I kept coming back to this...

When I think of the word "rejection," my first thought is Psalm 118:22 "The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone." This often is used in reference to King David and then to Jesus Christ. But the underlying principle applies to many, many people. Perhaps you have done something bad in your life; perhaps you don't quite fit the same mold as everyone else; perhaps others have ignored you, disdained you, torn you down, rejected you. That rejection is only one part of your life and your interaction with others. God may have something bigger and better in store for you. Rejection is not the end.

In college I took a psychology class that was more of a group therapy session than a class. I'm still not sure what the point was supposed to be. In this "class" we were encouraged to share feelings and emotions. Somehow, and I don't remember the details, I shared that I found another member of the class attractive (it was appropriate at the time - I don't just blurt out that kind of thing, even back then). And, there it was - rejection. Because he didn't feel the same. I wasn't expecting a TV style movie ending, but I also wasn't expecting complete rejection. I had pretty much forgotten about this episode until I was thinking about this project. And then it came back to me. The humiliation and embarrassment, the feeling of being on the outside. But I didn't quit, I grew. It was only one part of my life. One lesson in this adventure we get to live. There is so much more. 

We never know what will come next and we certainly can't control all of it. If all of us would see with God's eyes, there might not be so much rejection in the world. Perhaps, there would be more love.

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