April 22, 2017

SURFBIRD Debut Car Show!!

1965 Ford Falcon Sedan Delivery   SURFBIRD
To say we were excited is the understatement of the year. After a four year frame-off restoration (aka "build") she is done - mostly!! So we headed down to Ruby's for the opening night of the Cruise at the Beach.

We met up with our friends "Goose" & Gail and drove together, our SURFBIRD and Goose's 1938 Ford Woody. We got spaces next to each other and laughed a lot over the next 4 1/2 hours.

We agreed that last night there were the most cars we had ever seen at Ruby's.We figured there were over 200 cars throught the evening. New, old, super clean, rat rod; trucks, bugs, wagons, sports cars, motorcycles; it seemed every make & model were there. Including a Bugatti which may have been from the 30's. All looking good.
Goose wiping off the road dust

Little did we know that the cars are randomly judged and there are trophys given out. SURFBIRD was judged!!! Read to the end to see if we won a troply!

Lots of people stopped to look at her over the course of the evening.

Oh wait, that's Goose & Gail mugging for the camera - although they DID love the car!


My husband and Goose have been friends for ages. It is a special bond they share, including a great sense of humor, a love for old cars. That makes times like these all the more special.

The theme for last night was "date night," and they had props ready for photos (I need to find the show's FB page!) Here we all are with our dates.

There are no words!
And, yes, we did win a trophy!! We placed in the Top Five for the show. Whoo Hoo!!

I love how happy Goose was for Steve after SUFBIRD placed!

More general shots from the show follow... please take a look.

Caution is right wearing those heels to a car show! And, that is her hair around her knees..
Saw her last year in red heels.

This beautiful boy walked over to the 4 of us, said "hello" and camped out at Steve's feet for a while.

It was a wonderful evening... until next time!

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