March 19, 2016

Fab Friday March edition

We had our latest FAB FRIDAY adventure in Carlsbad. We ate lunch at the Harbor Fish Cafe (a favorite spot of ours). Harbor Fish Tacos were on the menu, along with fried zucchini. Yummy to the max... and there are photos to prove it! Here's one - to see more check out the Fab Friday photo page:

Then we headed down the coast to the Carlsbad Flower Fields. Neither of us had ever been, and boy, was it really, really cool!!! Flowers everywhere (I know, duh!!) and so colorful. They even had a tractor ride you could hop on (for a nominal charge) and go all around the fields. We got out at the upper stop and walked among the flowers in the areas designated.

Steve picked up the camera to take a few shots. He did a fantastic job!!

All in all this was a FANTASTIC FAB FRIDAY!!! Check out the Fab Friday Photo page to see more (and some very, very funny ones - so funny I can't believe I'm posting them!! Hahaha!

Here's to more adventure next month!

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